Thursday, February 2, 2017

Miso Method Dairy Amino Sauces

Based on the success with ricotta miso method cheese creating a Parmesan like flavor in a month or so, I've been trying all sorts of dairy based amino sauces. The examples below are among the most delicious combinations I've discovered so far. I hope they inspire you to develop your own. 

Cayenne Yogurt Amino Hot Sauce
(Flavor Profile: Spicy Pimento Cheese)

Jalapeno Yogurt Amino Hot Sauce
(Flavor Profile: Jalapeno Popper)

Yogurt Amino Hot Sauce Method
By weight, mix two parts yogurt, one part pureed hot peppers, three parts fresh koji and 5% salt against the total. Follow the same containment conditions as you would for miso. Ferment for at least one month in a cool basement or two months in the refrigerator. Keep in mind that there's risk for rancidity due to the fat content, so cool/cold conditions are important for success. 

Buttermilk Sweetened Condensed Milk Amino Sauce
(Flavor Profile: Creamy Sweet Soy Sauce)

Foamed Buttermilk SCM Amino Sauce

Follow the same process above with a mix of three parts buttermilk, one part sweetened condensed milk and four parts fresh koji with 5% salt against all the ingredients. Fridge ferment for at least two months. Foaming the sauce lightens the salt delivery in a dish. Soy lecithin and an immersion blender was used to suspend the bubbles seen above.

Fresh Jasmine Koji and Whey Protein Powder

Whey Protein Amino Paste
(Flavor Profile: Umami Nacho Cheese Sauce)

In the interest of boosting accessible protein to the protease enzymes to create as much umami as possible, I decided to use whey protein powder. It is 75% protein by weight! The mixture was made with equal parts whey powder and fresh koji. Add enough water to make a paste and 5% salt against the total weight. After only five weeks of fermentation, it tastes like a nacho cheese sauce. Crazy!

Now get out there and make a new miso method amino sauce with any protein base you desire. No limits!

As always, please share your ideas to keep the ideas bouncing...

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